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Wunika Mukan Gallery, formerly known as Pacers, is a contemporary art gallery located in Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 2020 by Wunika Mukan, the gallery is committed to promoting emerging artists from Nigeria, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the diaspora. The primary objective of the gallery is to provide a platform for these artists to showcase their works to both local and international audiences, thereby creating exciting opportunities for them to exhibit and critically engage with the wider art market.

The gallery's founder, Wunika Mukan, was inspired to start the gallery as a means of supporting emerging artists in Nigeria and beyond, especially those who are transitioning into the next stage of their careers. With a focus on providing an avenue for local and international exposure, the gallery aims to increase the visibility of every artist that it represents and foster innovation and immersive exchange.

In its mission to champion emerging talent, the Wunika Mukan Gallery has successfully established itself as a key player in the contemporary art scene in Nigeria. The gallery is known for its dedication to providing a platform for artists to experiment with new ideas, techniques, and mediums while maintaining a high standard of artistic excellence.

Wunika Mukan Gallery is a pioneering force in the Nigerian contemporary art scene, dedicated to promoting emerging talent and providing exciting opportunities for artists to exhibit and critically engage with the wider art market. With a focus on innovation, immersive exchange, and sustainable growth, the gallery is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the Nigerian art scene and beyond.



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