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The inaugural edition of Wunika Mukan Gallery's artist residency hosted Zimbabwean artist, Option Nyahunzvi Dzikamai from August 1 2022.

On the residency, Wunika Mukan, Director and Founder of Wunika Mukan Gallery says “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the artist, gallery and community to participate in this cultural exchange. It is especially refreshing to see genuine stakeholder commitment to the arts in Africa from an organization like Yawoa Foundation...”

Further to the primary goal of cultural exchange, the residency aims to provide opportunities for networking, and expansion. We believe in reciprocity and exchange to foster multicultural dialogue. To this effect, our AIR program hosts artists from across the continent and the African diaspora to expand our offering, providing our audiences with fresh and innovative points of view.

Commenting on the initiative, and their contribution as sponsor of the residency, Yawoa Foundation’s Founder and CEO, Estelle Dogbo added “This is a fantastic initiative that will further enable Galleries like Pacers and contemporary artists, to amplify the already blooming sense of community that exists in the art space, while making pan africanism a cultural reality in the Artist's Creative processes.

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