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Born 2000, Victor Ubah is a Nigerian artist who creates acrylic paintings that merge onedimensional backgrounds with expressively geometric cubist elements. Influenced by the avantgarde art movement, Cubism, he reimagines his vibrant subjects as multifaceted personalities that exist in a singular social construct.

Intricately rendering the facial expressions of his subjects as a collection of protruding cubist forms, Victor simultaneously employs a naturalistic style to capture their gaze. Victor’s works are not only characterized by the adoption of the 20th century movement but also the personal style of each figure, which he meticulously amplifies through the use of rich dark color palettes and bold textile patterns. Adopting simple backgrounds which always seem to reveal the moments of peace and tranquillity, the artist affirms a rich vocabulary of symbolism that offers opportunities to varied thoughts and open dialogues about the immutable and biological society.

Solo exhibition includes, ‘Lifes a Beach,’ Bill Brady Gallery in Miami; 2021 and ‘Hypnagogic,’ Ojiri Gallery in London; 2023. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions including ‘100 Days of Summer,’ Art Genesis in Los Angeles; 2023, ‘Disco Nap,’ Eligere Gallery in Seoul; 2022, ‘Interesting Identities,’ Arushi Gallery in Los Angeles; 2022. He has also showcased at Frieze London; 2021, Art X Lagos; 2021, Felix Art Fair; 2022, and Art Basel, Switzerland; 2023.




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