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18 - 21 MAY 2023


Booth 11

The upcoming 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair in New York 2023 will see Wunika Mukan Gallery showcase the works of two artists - Edozie Anedu from Nigeria and Option Nyahunzvi Dzikamai from Zimbabwe - in a duo exhibition from May 18 - 21, 2023. The aim of the booth is to showcase a definitive and uniquely recognizable identity for each artist, exploring the necessity for freedom of self and communal expression through our bodies, cultures, communities, or environments.

Edozie Anedu’s paintings delve into elemental forms and figures that verge on the abstract, often referencing graffiti and mural art traditions. His work is known for its focus on popular culture, music, fashion, socio-political ideologies, and the human condition. In his recent body of work, he expresses movement and fluidity, which are inspired by the lush tropical vegetation of his environment. These pieces embody the energy of an explorer, the majesty and wealth of knowledge gained through experience, and the joy of discovery. “Amalinze the Cat” in these paintings serves as an ode to the classic character in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”. He symbolizes strength, perseverance, resilience and the courage to face difficult situations and transform them. Anedu’s ground breaking visual vocabulary is expressed in his textured painting which is evident as he captures whimsical embodiments which serves many purposes, one of which is a reminder of man’s reflection of his innate groundedness and an attempt to better himself.

Option Nyahunzvi Dzikamai’s artistic practice, on the other hand, seeks to contextualize the ideal concept that the human soul transcends the physical realm as we all undertake spiritual transformation. His work encounters different cultural and spiritual beliefs and is interested in the never-ending process of serious dialogic exchange, discovering the unknown, unlearning the old, and learning the new. The imaginary faces in his work are depicted against colorful backdrops of nature and can be read as anyone in search of a space to settle at a point where one is not yet grounded. Nyahunzvi’s densely populated collages are created by combining an amalgam of figurative and abstract paintings, printing and drawing elements, and etchings on the surfaces of Fabriano paper, which are then glued onto the canvas and marked by carefully cut and inked lines.

The Wunika Mukan Gallery booth aims to offer the exhibiting artists a platform for communal discovery of freedom and emotions. The exhibition represents the gallery’s interest in promoting and positioning established and emerging artists within the contemporary art framework. By exhibiting in the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, the gallery aims to represent diversity and create opportunities for long-term relationships between artists and audiences.



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