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2 MARCH - 18 MARCH 2024


Wunika Mukan gallery is pleased to announce All These Worlds Are Yours, a debut solo exhibition of new prints and works on paper by Philip Fagbeyiro. On view from March 2nd to March 18th, 2024, this exhibition unveils a series which presents to the audience a deep but non-exhaustive dive into one of the many facets of a highly detailed science fantasy world.


Adapted from a quote in Arthur C. Clarke’s novel where humanity is granted dominion and sovereignty over multiple celestial bodies, the exhibition’s title serves as a reminder of humanity’s capacity for exploration and connection. Like the characters in Clarke’s fictional universe, the individuals in our reality have traversed the intricacies of consciousness and cognition, forging connections between our subjective experiences and unique identities.


All These Worlds Are Yours particularly highlights the possible interactions and connections between human and non-human minds; plants, animals, extraterrestrials, machines and artificial intelligences. The opportunities and dangers inextricably linked to the power such technologies present. It explores themes of consciousness, empathy, agency and pantheism


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