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22 JULY - 5 AUGUST 2023


Wunika Mukan Gallery is thrilled to show a duo salon presentation of works by Chinezim Moghalu and Kamila Soares.

Kamila Soares is a visual artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Through extensive exploration of existing painting styles, she has developed a deep admiration and appreciation for the world of art. This phase in her life has served to reconnect Soares with her childhood and has led to the realization that art is an integral part of her identity. Soares is passionate about creating paintings that represent black people, their stories, and the often-overlooked details. Her focus is on capturing the experiences of the vulnerable, mistreated, and misunderstood members of the black community. As an artist, Kamila's goal is to defy all odds and firmly stand against anyone who questions her decision to exclusively depict black individuals.

Chinezim Moghalu is a Nigerian multidisciplinary artist. His works examine and accentuate the human condition, with a regard to class, religion, gender interests and multifaceted realities of daily living, with a focus on Africa.

This exhibition will launch the WMG showroom which will be continually used to hold small intimate showcases that give creative insight, righteous, perceptive and stylistic voice to the visual culture and help keep relevant conversations active in art. By combining artist’s unique perspectives on contemporary themes, the showroom aims to unveil mutual ambitions to engage with the contemporary life.



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