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6 - 22 MAY 2023


Wunika Mukan Gallery is pleased to present Love Your Family. This exhibition features work by twelve contemporary artists who share their personal interpretation of love.


What does a family entail? If we use convention as a measure, we can define family as society's apex of love and commitment. Hegel, the German philosophical idealist, tells us that love is the key component of a family. African proverb reinforces this belief, teaching us that a family is like a tree with multiple branches, that may at times bend but resilient enough that it will never break. In all of these, we are taught to aspire to this sort of love. One that Hegel defines as us exchanging our self-sufficiency for dependence.


Who we love ultimately becomes an extension of who and what we are. Family goes far beyond the traditional structure. Every individual has their own personal concept of family, the people who bear witness to us in profound ways and are allowed to harm us and are permitted redemption whereas others are not.


This exhibition attempts to untangle the mysteries of family while simultaneously casting a light on the societal notions of love. Too often we are quick to airbrush love, clinging to poetic and idealistic notions of family. The collected works of the twelve artists will project the universal pleasures and the specific pains of family. What happens when we willingly embrace our dependency on those who can harm, as well as they can nourish us?


Featured Artists:  Alanna Fields (United States) | Agemo Francis (Nigeria) | Adolphus Washington (United States) | Dandelion Eghosa (Nigeria) Charlotte Yonga (Cameroon/France) | Julio Rizhi (Zimbabwe) | Kamila Soares (Brazil) | Lebogang Mogul Mabusela (South Africa) | Millie Toyin Olateju (United Kingdom/ Nigeria) | Nzube Ozoemena (Nigeria) | Sophia Chioma (Nigeria) | Unu Mamu (Nigeria).



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