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21 DECEMBER 2019 - 20 JANUARY 2020


Wunika Mukan Gallery presents Mistakes I Chose to Keep by emerging Nigerian Artist, Edozie Anedu. This is his first solo exhibition with the gallery.


Born and raised in Benin City, Edozie Anedu is a self-taught artist whose style focuses on the human condition, socio political ideologies and pop-culture. Working primarily with oils on canvas and recyclable materials, Edozie employs an aggressive use of colour with ill-drawn figures to express emotion, initiate conversation and catch attention. Edozie’s childlike and sometimes aggressive strokes make room for accidents and give his paintings that unique, seemingly effortlessly haphazard appearance.


His current show consists of 18 new works - most of them formerly discarded, reworked pieces that lend their name to the exhibition title- Mistakes I Chose to Keep. Each piece telling a coming-of-age story - a journey of excitement, adjustments and hopeful rush to the future – while at the same time embracing moments of melancholy and memories of past people, places and things


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