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12 - 21 NOVEMBER 2022


An ongoing research project which began at the Dutch Art Institute in 2020, presented as a memoir, using film, photography, audio, and collage.

It explores din that realigns possibilities for transformative encounters and a reinvention of the Mother Tongue as a language for this expression, in ways that do not erase or obliterate the historical realities. It is thinking through how language sustains memory by taking apart the old for the possibility of the new in hopes to catch the things that constantly seek inexpression and the manifestation of this transformation. It is interested in what African ways of being, knowing and doing have to offer for healing and thriving past today's continued coloniality.

So, what would it mean to fashion language according to noise? Noise as a container for a certain quality of life. This work analyses the parallel of din/discourse and the emphasis of ‘Din’ as inseparable from the language and approach that constitutes African queer archival practices.

These rituals are gestures towards thinking of performance as ephemeral, or rather the role of performance in (African queer) archival culture.


Dandelion Eghosa is a non-binary and queer visual artist whose work explores home, the identities of Afro-lgbtq+ people and human expressions in everyday life. By presenting the personal stories of a largely hidden social group through diverse visual mediums and storytelling, their work offers a fresh interpretation of queer imagery. In the last two years their practice has evolved into a yearning to explore the role of performance in African queer archival practices. They have a passion for experimenting with mediums that encourage the development of human thought, beliefs, and feelings.


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