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12 - 15 OCTOBER 2023



Wunika Mukan Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the renowned 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London, with the solo presentation of an enthralling new series of paintings by Nigerian artist, Victor Ubah. Through this exhibition, the gallery aims to provide a platform for the exploration of the artist's distinct and captivating perspective on the intersection between imagination and reality.

Victor Ubah's paintings are a testament to his remarkable artistic prowess and his ability to capture the essence of the interconnectedness between these two worlds. His unique style and technique invite viewers to delve into the depths of their own subjective viewpoints, challenging conventional beliefs and inviting contemplation on the nature of selfhood and existence.

Born 2000, Victor Ubah creates acrylic paintings on canvas that merge one-dimensional backgrounds with expressively geometric cubist elements. He explores the avant-garde art movement, Cubism, to reimagine his vibrant subjects as multifaceted personalities that exist in a singular social construct. Intricately rendering the facial expressions of his subjects as a collection of protruding cubist forms, Victor simultaneously employs a naturalistic style to capture their gaze.


Victor’s works are not only characterised by the adoption of the 20th century movement but also the personal style of each figure, which he meticulously amplifies through the use of rich dark color palettes and bold textile patterns. Adopting simple backgrounds which always seem to reveal the moments of peace and tranquility, the artist affirms a rich vocabulary of symbolism that offers opportunities to varied thoughts and open dialogues about the immutable and biological society.

In his recent body of work, Ubah intends to blur the lines between our imaginations and the real world to depict the coexistence of both elements. Exploring their interconnectedness, each painting offers a journey where the characters find solace in their shared experiences. Through using exclusively monochromatic palette, the characters are thrown into a sanctuary that transcends the ordinary thus creating a sense of wonder that appreciates the tangible world and the concept of time. Through surrealist elements, the artist intends to foster a reconnection and exploration of self into another, while at the same time bringing the other into the self. Bringing together these concepts creates ‘Harmony’ and offers a fantastical sense of wonder and possibility, ultimately inviting viewers to rejoice in the harmonious connection between oneself and the universe.

Wunika Mukan Gallery’s presentation at booth S4 offers the exhibiting artist a platform for communal discovery of freedom and emotions. The exhibition represents the gallery's interest in promoting and positioning established and emerging artists within the contemporary art framework.


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