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27 MARCH - 18 APRIL 2021


Wunika Mukan Gallery is pleased to present the works of Adulphina Imuede in Higher Self, her first solo exhibition on view from March 27 to April 18, 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria.  Lagos based artist, Adulphina Imuede, grounds this 20-piece presentation in understanding the deepest parts of her roots, while in pursuit of a higher sense of purpose. 


Higher Self reflects Adulphina Imuede’s exploration of range in media, colour, technique and artistic voice since completing her degree in Fine Arts at the University of Lagos in 2016. In this body of work, Imuede reimagines her own image in avatar-like portraits rendered in watercolor, ink, graphite pencil and acrylic, igniting visual discourses between elevated versions of herself and the viewer.


Born in Auchi, Nigeria, Adulphina Imuede locates her innermost voice through her art practice. Her family relocated to Lagos during her early childhood due to her father’s service in the Nigerian Army. Growing up within the discipline of an army family, she picked up an interest in drawing from an early age as an outlet for unspoken emotions and desires. After completing her degree in painting at the University of Lagos in 2016, she joined the 2018 cohort of For Creative Girls platform and worked under the mentorship of Data Oruwari. In this time, Imuede explored new media to expand her practice beyond the limitations of available space and delve into more personal themes in her work. 


Her practice has since evolved into a celebration of self-awareness, personal voice, and layers of identity. Utilizing ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, acrylics, and chalk pastels on paper, as well as acrylic on canvas, Adulphina’s work brings to light hidden elements of African history and embraces a personal sense of purpose.


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